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Don't believe anyone who tells you that gaming is for boys only! It's a myth that somehow continues to persist. When the first games became available in the mid 1980s, there was no real talk of games being solely for girls or boys, but slowly, young men seemed to take over the market. Although this perception does endure, there are tons of games that are taylor made for girls. The number of girl gamers is large and has been steadily growing for the past couple of decades. In fact, female gamers make up at least 40 percent of the gaming market and even play more hours per week than male gamers.

There are lots of sub-genres within the girl game genre. You'll find awesome strategy, skill and role playing games, fashion and dress up games, cooking games, decorating, kissing games, dating, tennis games, and fun puzzle and quiz games. You'll even find games that are "supposed to be for boys" such as shooting games, platform games, action, stick games, arcade and sports games, all just a little bit more pink because they were created specifically with girls in mind. Some games even help you prepare for the real world by teaching you skills online! Tasty cooking games especially are a lot of fun because they let you play out your fantasy of preparing the perfect meal for your family.

New games for girls are constantly being developed. One reason that gaming is seen as such a male hobby is perhaps because the majority of game developers are male, but the scales are sliding. More and more male developers are creating new and exciting girl games, and more and more females are become talented and creative developers.

These girl games are easy to use and are flash-based. Flash is great because you won't have to deal with any long downloads or mess with any other plug-ins and installations in your system. It doesn't really matter what kind of computer you have or even what browser you use. All you need to do is have Flash installed and get geared up to play some great girl games.

These games will allow you to play with your friends or other online users and compete for high scores or just have fun decorating or designing. You'll never be bored and your imagination will really be able to come alive. These games are fun, safe to use and free, so there's nothing else to do but sit back and have a blast playing!