A set of 5 beautiful random color polymer Clay Flower. exotic collectible miniatures Orchid. Big PROMOTION. On Sale 30% off


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PROMOTION. an additional 30% off the original price. Exotic Collectible Miniatures Ornamental Orchid. Flower Garden with ceramic pots. SELL AS A SET OF 5 RANDOM COLORS only for $35.95. (White. Yellow. Red. Blue. Green. Pink. Orange. Purple. Magenta with variety type of flowers & orchids). Your order will be randomly picked from our collection which available in stock. 30% off Original price for each handmade clay flower is $9.99. Handmade to perfection. petal by petal. All of my flower design is unique and detail to perfection. Perfect for gifts. special occasion. birthday. wedding favor. home decor. flower arrangement. A unique and valuable for dollhouse collection or small gifts to others. Approx. size 4 - 4.5 inches tall. Please see demo http://tinyurl.com/qcotm2y and http://tinyurl.com/k8oe8zw The clay flowers are incredibly easy to care for. just use soft a brush to clean. This is a forever blossom flower. you can keep it as a toy collectible or Miniature Fairy Gardens.